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Attendance Systems EYEPIX

Today, pointers are a necessity for businesses. This scoring system has become a proposed solution because it facilitates the management of human resources.

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What is an attendance system?

An attendance system is an electronic device that has the essential function of recording the attendance of your personnel. This is an electronic device that allows you to point the presence of an individual in several modes. A system which is ideal for large companies.


What are the different attendance modes?

Il existe différentes types de pointeuse, suivant vos besoins :

  • Code.
  • Badge.
  • Fingerprints.
  • Face recognition.

What are the advantage of biometric attendance systems?

  • The elimination of fraud : human characteristics are unique and can not be transferred. It is therefore not possible for some one to impersonate someone’s else identity. The use of human characteristics ensures a 100% identification of the person.
  •  Ease of use : with this system, losing magnetic cards, badges or key containing sensitive identification data is no longer a problem.
  •  Economic : no magnetic cards or badges.

Eyepix Solutions will help choose the best installation that suits your needs. Our FAQ is here to offer you a quick overview on the components of the two major types of videosurveillance systems as well as their technical differences.

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