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Regardless of your need for installation and inspection of fire suppression systems, our experts have all the qualifications and expertise to install or maintain your fire suppression systems efficiently and quickly.


A fire detection system or a fire alarm is a unit within the fire safety system (FSS). A fire alarm is an electronic system which aims to detect the birth of a fire in a specific place. The fire alarm is designed to alert you when a fire spreads through the detectors installed on the ceilings of the monitored area.

What are the components of a fire suppression system? ?

  • Fire Detectors (DI).
  • Control and Signaling Equipment.(ECS).
  • Manual Triggers. (DM).

What events can be detected by the fire prevention system ?

The main physical or chemical phenomena detected by the sensors are related to the occurrence of :

  • Flames.
  • Smoke
  • Heat.
  • Combustion gas.

Our company offers an optimal installation of the two main types of systems, namely:

  • Conventional Fire Detection

      This type of system works on the principle of measuring the electrical current generated by each sensor connected to one of the input lines of the control panel. Conventional power plants can signal the warning area without specifying the exact location of the element which detected the start of the fire. There exists for this system type visual signals that can be installed on the entrance of building to facilitate the location of the fire area. Detection of conventional fire is still used today and is considered ideal especially for buildings of small capacity.

  • Addressable Fire Detection:

    This intelligent system uses a serial communication protocol between the sensors and the control panel. Each sensor is connected to a loop system also called the network and is identified by the control panel unit through a unique address which makes the detection of the fire location faster. This powerful system is widely used in large buildings.

Eyepix Solutions will help you make the right choice by demonstrating the differences between the two systems so that you can choose the right installation for you. . Our FAQ will give you a quick overview of the composition of a fire-fighting system as well as the different types of systems and viewing modes.

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