Do you need an efficient videosurveillance system for your home or business? Whatever the number of sites to be monitored, Eyepix Solutions offers tailored, flexible and modular videosurveillance solutions that answer your needs.

Your safety, our mission

With our cameras, you’ll stay close, manage and secure your business 24/24H while improving your profitability. Eyepix Solutions will help you choose your most suitable videosurveillance installation for your needs.

A videosurveillance solution is a technical mean intended to ensure the security of goods and persons. It is a system not only consisting of cameras, but also of an entire chain of elements for the transmission of images, their storage and their operation. Videosurveillance resumes today the best of electronics and computer technology (IP networks, digital storage, high-definition (HD) sensors, intelligent stream analysis and motion detection … etc).

Our company offers optimum installation of the two main types of video surveillance systems, namely:

  • IP Videosurveillance.

    Take advantage of your already installed computer networks to secure your goods.

  • CCTV Videosurveillance.

    Existing for several years, CCTV systems do not lack any type of support or resources.


CCTV or IP ?

The choice between a CCTV or IP videosurveillance system is often dictated by the needs and constraints of your environment. Deciding which system to choose for your home or business is not always a simple thing, as there are benefits and drawbacks of each videosurveillance solution.

By demonstrating the differences between the two videosurveillance systems, Eyepix Solutions will help choose the best installation that suits your needs. Our FAQ is here to offer you a quick overview on the components of the two major types of videosurveillance systems as well as their technical differences.

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