_Warranty &_ Customer support

Warranty & Customer support


All the products you buy from Eyepix Solutions are covered by warranty against manufacturing defects under normal use of service.

These warranties and their duration vary depending on the products and are shown on each product data sheet. Eyepix Solutions will repair the product or exchange it with a new one in the shortest time.

All these services will be made directly in our workshops or those of our partners.

Customer support

Our customer support team is available for maintenance or repair inquiries.

Because failures never happen at the right time and that we still need to get organized, Eyepix Solutions is available to repair your product in the shortest possible times.

The repair is carried in the few days following the arrival of the product at our workshops.

Items not covered with the warranty

Improper handling of the product (wrong move, fall, shocks, etc …).
Periodic maintenance.
Expendable items.
Improper use of the product.
The equipment has been damaged by the user.
The product has been modified.
The product has undergone repairs.


Support Request

1. Connect to your space in the <ahref=”http://www.eyepixsolutions.com/fr/centre-clientele/”>customer support center.
2. Please complete the fields by specifying the details of the problem.
3. Where possible, please provide pictures or any sort of deemed relevant documentation to help us process your request.
4. Send your request.
5. A member of our maintenance stuff will respond to your request on the same thread you opened.

Technical assistance

When you buy one of our products, you benefit from a customer space accessible on the web. This space will allow you to send any inquiries or requests directly to our support team.

If you are a customer and want to ask for assistance with a problem you encountered when using our products? You can send your request directly through your customer account using the credentials you have received with the service contract.

Installation and Startup

Eyepix Solutions ensures quick installation and successful setup of the equipment. The installation service includes:

Setting up all equipment and accessories.
Hardware and Software configuration.
A series of tests.

User Training

In order to make you independent in the use of your system, we have established a training program to allow future users to take over the tasks of handling the software quickly.